How do I activate my Rca tablet

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May 21, 2018
all the people that keep saying in their answers to quote..."its on the receipt." or "go to the store that you got it from." or go on the website listed" my question to you all is if we have tried all those options and one actually worked do you really think we'd be on all these forum's STILL ASKING FOR HELP ON HOW TO STILL GET PAST IT? For the love of Steve and his decibels George and Reggie. I know you all are not daft, imbecilic nor literal jag-offs or anything close to any phrase like that. But your answer's are showing different. So on behalf of the rest of us that have tried all listed options and all to no prevail can all PLEASE with chocolate fudge swirl, caramel core, hero cookie chunks sprinkles and a cherry on top answer the f****** question at hand.......... very frustrating trying to be a Removed but come on give me a break