How do I connect my subwoofer speaker wires to the HDMI on my tv


Nov 20, 2008
Couple of ways to do this.

Look on the TV and see if there is ...
1) a subwoofer powered analog output from the TV. Many large screens have this. This would be a speaker wire level connection to the subwoofer
2) a sbuwoofer line level output from the TV. Typically an RCA connection. This would go to the line level connection on a powered subwoofer, or to a power amp that drives the subwoofer

If the TV does not have a subwoofer output then you need to get a device that decodes the HDMI signal and gives subwoofer output. A receiver is the easiest way to do this, and they are pretty cheap now. You can run the HDMI into the recevier then out from receiver to TV and to subwooder.

There are also dedicated devices that do this. Find one that matches the inputs you need for the subwoofer and that can see how to give it the inputs it needs from your TV (or how to hook it up ahead of your TV). (or search for "hdmi sound extractor" on amazon if the link does not work).

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