how do i copy the exact data???


May 20, 2014
this button help to copy all the data from table 1 to another sheet which i name it to table 2. however when i delete the some rows from the table 1 and then click the button to copy it to table 2, it does copy the updated version but the some data still in the table 2. (I'm not sure you guys get what i mean,hahahahaha)

what i mean is, for example, my data is from a1:a60 and i delete 5 rows. then click the button to copy to the table 2, the last 5 rows from the previous data is not deleted. you guys get it? table 2 suppose to have 55 data at then end but it stays 60 due to previous 5 data from the last time i copied still stays......

here is my code:

Sheets("all items list").Range("table1").Copy Destination:=Sheets("inventory").Range("table2")

Can we assume that you are asking questions about a spreadsheet ?

Toms Hardware is probably not the best place to ask software question but when I want to copy data from Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 , I just duplicate (copy) the sheet ... For select data, highlight / copy / paste woks