How do I download photos and videos from my J3 Emerge to my computer Windows 7? I am a senior citizen, so make it simple.

Apr 2, 2018
How do I download photos and videos from my Galaxy J3 emerge to my Windows 7 Computer. Make it simple because I am a Senior Citizen.


Oct 8, 2012
Webworkings suggestion may be a little vague. Specifically for your phone, and I assume a windows computer there are two ways.

1.Connect your phone to your computer using the supplied USB/charging cable.

- The first time you attach the phone to a computer, the device driver software will automatically install on the computer. If a screen pops up or a speech box from the lower right screen on the PC saying 'Windows is installing drivers' then you are good, but you'll need to wait for it to finish until you can progress. If no screen pops up that's fine too at this point. -

Drag the status bar down to display the notification panel on the phone. The Status bar is the one that has your battery charge on it. Dragging it should show a new top row of icons like 'Wi-Fi' and flashlight buttons. Below is 'notifications' in the form of a list. In this list is a little trident like picture (the USB logo) with the words 'Connected as a ...'. Ignore what it's connected as at this point in time as tapping it will let you change it. This is what we want you to do.

You will see either Connected as a media device or Connected as a camera.... you may see 'Charging only' as well.
The files on your phone can now be accessed using your computer.

Now, if you have Windows on your PC, you will want to use 'Connected as a media device'. If you have an Apple computer you will not be able to and need to use 'Mass Storage Device' then got to the Mac section at the bottom.

Then, open 'My Computer' (Windows XP to Windows 7) or press the windows key and type 'Explorer', press enter then select 'This PC' (Windows 8 to 10).

Select Phone for internal phone storage, or the other option (which will have the name you gave it) if you have a MicroSD card that it was saved onto. If you don't know at this point it will be quicker to check both than find out, so open them up then right click the desktop in the background, select 'create Folder' and drag any pictures you want on your computer into that folder. If you want to select more than one at once, use the shift key to 'add to selected' and the alt key to 'remove from selected' or drag a box shape whilst holding the mouse down from an empty space in the same window.

If you use a Mac, at this point there should be a new white storage icon on your desktop with your phone's name. Open that folder then select the folder called DCIM inside. Your pictures are in that folder. All of the advice above about creating a folder can be done too, but if you have selected an expensive PC I will assume you already know how to file manage.
So you want to move the files over to a computer, try the following...

1. Connect the phone to the computer via USB cord.

2. Select the right option (depends on what shows on your phone's screen) to allow for connecting to the computer (usually something like 'media transfer').

3. When the screen asks, open a the access to the phone as a folder.

4. Open/create a new blank folder on the computer where you want to move said files to.

5. On the phone (from the folder for it on the computer) locate the folders that have the info you want to move.

6. Select all the files you want to move (highlight them all) and either 'copy' or 'move' them over to the new folder you created.

7. Do the same for each area on the phone that has files you wish to move.

8. When done, just disconnect the phone from the computer.
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