How do I get rid of AVG (via Miro download)?


Jun 28, 2012
Sequence of events:

1) Downloaded Miro 6.0 for Windows (OS = 7 Home Edition) via green button on official site.
2) Used Custom Install to avoid AVG (toolbar, etc.).
3) Upon completion of Install, Miro requested to be allowed through Windows Firewall. I granted access. Surprise at what appeared on my screen along with Miro's UI! AVG had installed itself (anyway)!
4) Used Revo Uninstaller to rid my system of Miro. However, AVG remained!
5) Scanned AVG folder with MS Security Essentials, Malwarebytes, and SuperAntiSpyware. None of them identified its contents as 'malware'. :|
5) Made unsuccessful attempts to delete AVG folder, as a whole! Can neither access it through Win Task Mgr nor Revo!

Currently, AVG's UI is plastered onto my screen. It is not, however, listed as an Add-On to either of my browsers--SeaMonkey & Qupzilla. (What can I say? Firefox crashed on me months ago, and I sought a simpler alternative in browsers.)

How do I slay the AVG beast?