how do i make my charger work for my computer


Oct 23, 2013
My computer charger just stoped working out if nowhere and my computer has benn dead for a while now and i have to do most things on my phone. What do i do?!


Aug 21, 2013
Most power converters for laptop chargers have a light on them to indicate if they are functioning. If yours is off then you'll need to do a search for chargers for your laptop and buy a new one.

If it's an issue with your PC then you might have luck finding tutorials on how to replace the power port on it. I had an issue where the power connector in my laptop was going out. I found some great youtube videos on how to disassemble and replace the faulty component. If I had Geek Squad fix my computer it would've cost at least $100 and weeks of waiting. As it is, I watched a youtube video and ordered the needed parts off Amazon. 1 week later I had the parts. A few hours later I had the laptop up and running again. Total cost to me - $15.