How good is VR for watching movies?


Nov 9, 2013
I'm pretty sure I'm gonna try out VR eventually, but for now I'm still waiting for initial reactions and more games. However one thing has me considering going for a Vive earlier: Watching TV Shows and Movies with it. I'm staying in a small place for about 2-3 months. After I move I'm gonna get a 1080p projector. Until then all I have atm is my 27" screen. I'm thinking a Vive might be a great solution for the next 2-3 months until I can get a projector. That is only the case if it is actually significantly better for watching TV shows and movies than a 27" IPS screen.

Money isn't really much of an issue. I really don't care about the high price of the Vive. But I don't want to waste money going for a new technology when there won't be much to do with it after playing the few interesting launch titles. The home cinema experience might make the difference though. So how good is it?
If the surroundings are real, I'd imagine it'd be super cool, and definitely more immersive, if you were able to change the scene (room which you think you're sitting in). And, technically this is possible, VR is struggling maintaining high framerates, but if it acted more like watching movies on an LCD, meaning 120 Hz, and a 24 FPS movie, what you get is 24 * 5 is the player supports it, so it's smooth. If this isn't already a thing, I'd be very surprised. I personally have a home theater (3D projector), but, if VR could make me feel as if I had a much more expensive setup, I would hands down use it everytime!