How hard would it be to inverse 3 of my laptop battery connector ?

Jun 30, 2018
Hello everyone!

I've been a reader of this site for years but this is my first post as I usually find the help I'm looking for but I'm guessing that this time it's too much specific to find something on the subject. If there is an answer somewhere already please just redirect me to it and sorry for the double post....The problem needs a little back up story so everyone can also understand why I have 3 batteries! Now let's get to business...

I've recently order a replacement 9 cell battery for my good olde Toshiba M70-CL1 through the internet. I plugged it in. As soon as I connected it, BANG, laptop shut off automatically.

Thinking it was a short-circuit I just called the tech support to let them know and after some small chat with the guy, he offered me 2 more brand new batteries but this time 6 cell one as I apparently bought the very last one for this company. They didn't even want the old battery back as they thought like me it was a bad one. They might have been generous with me automatically because apparently this company export in Canada under a lot of different name and I bought bunch of shit from them over the years without knowing it and they have record of that. I accepted the deal and receive the battery yesterday.

I plug the first one in and BANG! Again laptop shut off automatically. This time I decided to check everything more carefully and thats when I noticed that I made a rookie mistake even tho I know better; I have the wrong model.

I needed a replacement for a PA3465U-1BAS but I got a replacement for a PA3399U-1BAS. Those batteries are virtually identical (Same voltage, Wattage, casing etc.) except for the connector which they just kind of mirror it.

So now I have 3 pretty much useless batteries unless I take the new cells from them and put them in my older batteries OR if I can somehow inverse the connector inside I would save all 3 batteries and got them for ZERO DOLLARS!

I have a bit of knowledge and one is already open. At first I thought I would just take the board and connector and do a 180 degree with it and plug everything back but NO I can't since the connector is placed too much on the left side on those and the board can't fit ?

Any Ideas ? I would love to be able to do something with them! Especially the 9 cell one which are getting more and more rarer...and those look like good quality one!

I can't take any photos right now but I might be able to update with in a couple of days if necessarly.

Thanks in advance for anyone who took the time to read everything!

Jun 30, 2018
Not a bad idea. They're going to take some time to sell tho. Maybe if I put them really cheap or In a package I could go for a even more rare 12-cell I spotted earlier in exchange.
Jun 30, 2018
I did change cells in battery before succesfully but I've just never mess with the connector itself or that kind of soldering. Only really minor soldering like ac adapter connector, cmos battery and other small stuff like that.
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