how is in year 2016 owner of EPOC OS code


Feb 23, 2016
hello i am one of the masochist which today prefers a revo or 5-er then any smartphone for writing means working. bt keyboards are nonsens especially when you are in train or public. and to speech even if recognize the input i dont want it at meetings when i write my new resumee for a new job.

psions problem nr 1 is:
no support

second no updates to new technologies:
rs232 to usb only to connect pc.....

i prefer EPOC OS because its perfect and very economical. how many power cpu or ram does it need?

battery or akku life is longer then all other.

so same case same OS but updateted.

connection i would say WiFi only for mails checking and because its great for writing mails also sending.

then able to store your date in cloud when not able to do it on CF.....

resumBaee minimal
CF card or whatever included for backup
BT for using mobile as tethering
Backlight but no color display

how do get the code of EPOC even if all say its from the programmers side horror implementig a WiFi stack