How much should you spend on a new TV? Here’s what you get for $500, $1,000 and $1,500


Feb 6, 2023
The current generation of TVs isn't designed to last for "the next ten years" as this article states. For the last four years the lifespan of a new TV has been getting shorter and shorter. The current models only last 14 to 24 months on average. In fact I see more newer TVs of that age come in for repair as compared to TVs that are older than five years.
Every manufacturer of TVs have their own issues as to why they are failing. Some has poor screen technology, others have high failure of processors, some have power supply failures, and others have combinations of all. But the current (last couple years) of TVs are the worst designed and manufactured televisions ever sold.
I don't want to bash one particular brand of TV because quite honestly none of them are much better than the next. The low level cheap TVs live up to the fact that you get what you pay for but I also see many TVs in the $1000 to $1800 range that are breaking just as quickly.
40 years of doing TV Repair and the newest version are without a doubt the worst our market has ever seen.