how to block stolen phone using imei number?

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Nov 1, 2014
hi. i hope someone can help me.
my phone got stolen today, and i want to disable it, so that the thief wont be able to sell my phone to anybody. i change my google account password, and my sim card was already thrown away (i think) because i can't contact t anymore. i changed all my passwords. i dont want to find my phone or retrieve it, i just dont want that [profanity] to get away with stealing. i hope someone can give me answers. i've tried samsung , but i cant find my phone. please help me
Not much you can do unfortunately. Call your service provider, make sure they know it was stolen so that you don't get billed for any charges. That's really about the extent of it if you didn't already have precautionary measures installed on your device. If the guy wants to sell it, they're going to sell it.
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