Question How to check my latop support ram upgradation?

Alas I have found a few different bits of info for that model. It seems, like most, there is more than one version of it. So without searching on the manufacturer's site to get the exact amount for that exact model, I can't say for 100% which RAM upgrade would work for you.

However, that said, It should be able to be upgraded. All the versions I have found point to either it coming with 4 MB and would be able to handle either 8 MB or 16 MB max. Without knowing for sure which yours can handle (hence the look up the full info on the manufacturer's site above) I can't say what you can upgrade to.

NOTE: You didn't mention what yours currently has. So if by some chance it was already upgraded, before or after purchase, it may be in your case that it is already at the max.
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