How to connect Alexa to your Samsung Smart TV


Jul 24, 2020
A few questions on your article from 9 days ago: "How to connect Alexa to your Samsung Smart TV"
  1. Are you saying that I should use the SmartThings app to best control my Samsung TV from Alexa?
  2. Would I need to buy the SmartThings Hub to do it this way or just their app?
  3. Right now, I basically control our old Samsung TV through Alexa via the FireCube - if I follow your instructions to do it with the SmartThings app, will that just add another way to control the TV or will it wipe out the present voice commands that now control my Samsung TV in Alexa?
  4. I don't want to have SmartThings take over my whole Alexa setup right now because they are in a midst of a big transition which I am waiting out before getting their Hub - If I follow your instructions, will the SmartThings app take over control of all my Routines, etc. in Alexa or just control of the TV set?


Feb 13, 2019
I am discovering it is easy to connect these things to Alexa, but turning the tv Off and On only, that is disappointing, That’s the challenge, just using a remote is easier. If I am in the same room, ok, remote, if not, I dont need to watch it. It wont mess with routines. Hasn’t”t mine