Question How to connect digital bass processor hifonics? I have pioneer avh head unit with built in crossover. Higonics manual says digital bass processor must

Jul 14, 2020
I have pioneer avh head unit with built-in crossover and want to install hifonics bass digital processor. Hifonics manual says bass processor must be installed before crossover but this is impossible as crossover is built in head unit. Any help will be appreciated.
Jul 14, 2020
Thanks for your reply, what would I set my crossover settings at on head unit. Its at 80hz 12 slope. What would be suitable setting no not cause issues with Hifonics digital bass processor.
The processor takes higher frequency bass and shifts it to the lower bass. If it doesn't get that higher frequency bass the effect won't work as much.
The higher up in frequency the crossover is set the better the processor will work. If you set it too high however the woofers will be operating outside their optimum range.
Watch your playback levels as the processor will put more stress on the bass amp/woofers.
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