How to connect laptop with vga to old tv?


Oct 6, 2014

I'd like to connect my laptop to tv. And I'm a little confused from info i found on the net.
I have an old tv, that has two connectors:
One is S-composite in front of the tv (red yellow white)
In the back there is 2 SCART I think
with 21 pins each, one saying AV1, decoder, the other AV2 recorder.

My laptop has two connectors:
7-pin mini-DIN, and vga,

My other laptop has vga and hdmi,

It's not necessary to be able to connect all laptops but perhaps just one with vga/hdmi.

What are my possible options? And where can I buy necessary cables and devices?

Id like to watch movies from laptop on an old tv.

Thanks a lot

-- The cable below would not work because the s-composite part is the wrong set. It needs to be plugged into the computer.