how to connect samsung smart tv with satellite set top box and sony home theatre in order to get the sound from home theatre


Dec 26, 2015
I have the below devices :

1. Samsung Smart TV (3 hdmi port,1 arc hdmi port and etc)
2. Tata sky HD set top box (1 hdmi port,3 rca connectors)
3. sony DVD based home theatre .model no : DAV TZ 200 (1 hdmi out port, 3 rca connector) optical port

I have connected TV with set top box via hdmi and set top box with sony HT with 2 rca wires .But I am getting stereo sound i.e only front left and front right speaker is working.

With reference to other post ,in order to get 5.1 surround sound , i have connected Tv with sony ht via hdmi but only video is working .no sound can be heard .although hdmi cable is connected to arc port of tv and regarding the hdmi port of sony HT ,i have no idea whether it is arc capable as ARC is not written in the port.

so here are my queries :
1. If i connect 2 rca wire from set top box to a converter then using hdmi cable from converter to sony ht ,will i get TV sound in all the speakers of sony ht ? Is rca to hdmi converter available in the market ?

2. if i connect 2 rca wires from Tv to sony ht and tv with set top box with hdmi , will i get Tv sound in all the speakers of sony ht ?

3 if i connect set top box with sony ht using 3 rca wires and then sony ht with TV via hdmi , will i get tv sound in all the speakers of sony ht ?

4. how to get TV sound in all the speakers of sony ht ?how to find out whether above sony HT has arc capable hdmi port ? what is the proper connection required in order to hear Tv sound in all the speakers of SONY HT .

Please suggest ........

thanks in advance


Feb 16, 2016

Connect the Sony and Tata to the TV with HDMI. Connect the Tata or TV analog audio out to the analog audio in on the Sony.
Since the HTS doesn't have any input other than stereo there is no advantage to any type of converter.
To get surround sound on the set top box try different surround sound modes such as Dolby Prologic2 and multi-stereo. You can only get analog surround sound on the set top box, Digital surround will work only for disc playback.
The Sony doesn't mention ARC and you need it in both the TV and HTS for it to work.
The HDMI out of the HTS may not send audio into the TV at all since they assume you are using it for sound not the TV speakers. The analog audio out won't work because HDMI inputs don't have RCA audio inputs associated with them since HDMI handles video and audio.
If the TV has a DVI input that would have an audio input associated with it so you could use that with a HDMI/DVI cable or adapter.