Question How to connect: Tape deck > EQ > Amp

Jul 28, 2019
Hello people, [ how should I connect, set up or operate my system ]

Recently I’ve obtained an interest in collecting older audio equipment. A few days ago i purchased two tape decks one of wich was acompanied by an equaliser and an amplifier.

Other then my recordplayer i have 0 clue on how to hook up my other stuff ive tried a few thing but in the end one of the functions always doesnt work.

Please help me to connect this system. ( you can use paint with different colors to show me how it should be connected or draw a scematic ) any help really would be a godsend.

Sorry for my messy post and thanks for the help and effort i apreciate it!

Pictures will be linked

Fronth vieuw devices from top to bottom are:
Akai AP-100C [record player]
JVC A-GX1 [Amplifier]
JVC SEA-11 [Equaliser]
JVC KD-X1 [1ST tape denk]
JVC KD-W7 [2ND tape deck]

Fronth vieuw

Rear 1 ( 2nd tape deck )
Rear 2 ( top to bottomm amp, equaliser, 1st tape deck )
Rear 3 (top to bottomm amp, equaliser, 1st tape deck )
Rear 4 (top to bottomm amp, equaliser, 1st tape deck )
  1. Turntable connects to the phono input of the integrated amplifer. 2 RCA plugs plus ground wire.
  2. EQ input connects to the amp tape record output. EQ output connects to the amp tape play input.
  3. Tape deck 1 play (output) connects to EQ Tape play. Tape Deck 1 record (input) connect to EQ Tape record.
  4. Tape deck 2 can only be connected for playback. Connect the tape deck play output to the CD or tuner input.
The tape monitor on the amp should be left on at all times so the EQ will work. Select tape on the EQ to hear deck one.
Select Cd or tuner on the amp to head tape deck 2.
You may be able to find manuals for the gear online.
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