How to connect zmodo wireless camera to network


Feb 6, 2017
I can't connect my surveillance camera due to network. The error message said to change the address of the different bands and I'm an idiot so have no frigging clue

Hafiz Tronics

Feb 7, 2017
have Centurylink DSL, and I can only use an Action Tec modem. I tried 3 other brands routher/modem combos as well as have a tech come out and confirm that Action Tec was the only way. (There may have been some solution, but none that was worth the trouble, especially after buying/returning 3 other router/modems.)

I ended up purchasing an Action Tec 1000a. Wired connections work fine, but the Wifi is less than impressive. I have a wireless IP security camera setup, and the system is less than reliable on my current Wifi. I have already tried repositioning cameras and router placement without much luck. The video streams cut in and out constantly as the signal fluctuates. Using computers/phones only compounds the problem. The 4 cameras are less than 50ft away from the router, and go through no more than 2 walls (standard studs/drywall) if not only one wall. I have measured the Wifi signal (Wifi Analyzer app) compared to a Linksys AC1200+ I have on hand, and the 1000a loses by a margin.

At this point I see two options that do not include wiring the cameras.

1)Add an access point which I feel may hurt more than it may help

2)Make the 1000a a transparent bridge, wire the Linksys to it, and use the Linksys as the gateway. Also the Linksys supports AC, so I figured I would put the cameras on the 2.4ghz and computers/tablets/cellphones on the 5ghz network.

Does anyone have any constructive criticizm or advice for me? Is there a better way that I am missing? I would be happy to hear all of your input.