How to: digital connections to soundbar with multiple devices and older TV


Nov 11, 2012
I have an older LCD TV with an hdmi in and optical port out and analog out. I want to get a new 5.1 soundbar system but I'm struggling with what to get for the connections.

To the soundbar I want to connect the following devices

- older TV (no HDMI ARC)
- DVD player
- Roku
- possibly a game console later.

But I want to get the best of the soundbar on all devices so only use digital connections.

On my current system, I manually switch optical cable between the devices I use at the moment to the soundbar, one for the TV, one for the DVD and one for the Google TV.

How can I connect 3 or 4 devices to a new soundbar (which usually only has 1 optical input) without that cable shenanigans?


Nov 11, 2012
Thanks. The TV does not pass through the sound, I have to connect the DVD directly to the sound system. A switch is what I was looking at indeed, the only solution I've found so far except I would go with an optical rather than HDMI.
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