How to distinguish a dead battery from a broken charging circuit


Dec 7, 2009
Hi all,

I'm fixing my nice laptop (an old toshiba A200-2B7) and the battery is detect but I get a warning that the battery is not charging.

How can I distinguish between a dead battery (easily bought) from a bad charging circuit?

My nice says that its been like this for ages,but doesn't know what's wrong with it.

I've got a multimeter to take a few measures if required.

Any help?


L. Pinho

PS: I already tried with 3 laptop chargers


Nov 2, 2013
Try googling the battery power pins layout (to see where is power in/out) and make a "extender cable" to charge it without charging circuit. (safety first :) ) Take measurements of the charge (amps and volts) leave it to charge for 10 minutes and take new measurements. If there is no change the battery is most likely dead if it actually charged it its probably the circuit failing. Or go as Laptop_Nerd said. Its better than my way :D
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