News How to Enable Chrome Dark Mode: Everything You Need to Know

Nov 27, 2021
I am using the Chrome Dark Mode on a Mac desktop. Everything is so so but there is a problem with SVGs. They have a white square in the background which makes the black (the only inverted colour in them) appear white and non-visible.

I noticed that a plug in called "Dark Night Mode" uses something called css stroke="currentColor" which makes them to appear ok except that many other features in the plugin e.g. no support for Chrome settings pages and mainly disappearance of floating icons in gmail renders it unusable.

I was wondering is there was a way to edit the Chrome built in Dark mode to use the currentColor either by writing a dedicated plugin for it or requesting a feature from Google or editing the actual Chrome plugin, extension or mode?

Your article seems to have currently the most updated version about the feature.

This is the BBC Weather website in question which uses lots of SVGs.

Unfortunately using both Dark Mode and Dark Night Mode together does not solve the problem.

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