how to get audio in dell 1545 to old samsung tv

Aug 2, 2019
Hello. I'm about to smash both dell 1545 and an older samsung plasma cos I can't get audio. wtf do i have to do? the problem is I don't have the vga to hdmi cable. the tv has got everything, the laptop only has vga. bought an audio cable today and it's not working. wanna watch some movies today. anybody wanna help?

the tv is not plasma. it's aN old samsung LE40S71B. it's got lots of different holes for the cables at the back. and I just discovered that there is a mini hole next to the vga. so it's a mini to mini audio but THERE MUST BE A WAY, geniuses. give me smth.
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If the TV has an audio in port, which is probably the one next to the VGA, use that. That should work unless it's broken or you have some other setting not correct like the laptop audio is set to the wrong thing or it's not plugged in all the way, volume is turned down, etc... Another option is to get a converter for VGA and audio to HDMI and use HDMI to the TV.