How to get my old contact

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Hoosier Daddy

Aug 31, 2008

You almost certainly have a MS account that the phone is linked to. When the phone was first activated it would prompt to be signed in or walk you through creating a new account.

Typically, and I think its the default, the phone's settings and pictures are backed up to the OneDrive cloud storage for that account. The phone will only do that automatically when it is connected to WiFi so as not to be charged to your carrier data plan.

If your phone was set up that way and has WiFi at some times, your pictures should be on OneDrive under pictures/camera roll/. The phone settings will tell you the name of the Microsoft account the phone is connected to and you can log onto that account on a PC to access the OneDrive and download the pictures. Use the procedure for lost password if you don't remember it, but you will need to have access to the email account or the phone to use that procedure.

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