Solved! How to get Windows to boot?


Mar 18, 2018
Not sure where to put thi. Dont see desktop Support

Got a buddy's system and he wants W10 on it. He bought a brand new SSD 120GB and 2TB HDD. He wants to runthe OS off SSD and use HDD for storage. I've installed Windows countless ways and no matter what I do I cant get by the Blue Windows Symbol.

So I tried install using a CD and it would hang on the Blue Windows Symbol on the Installation Disk/. Tried via Bootable USB, Same Result. I then tried docking it on my laptop and installing there but I got the error that install over USB is not supported. I then connected and installed Windows 10 without any issues on my Gaming PC. I moved the SSD to my buddies PC and it hangs when the Blue Windows Symbol pops up.

Then I installed Win7. Worked no issues. My intent was to update using the media creation tool but my Win7 is 32 bit so it was useless. Installed Win 8.1 pro instead. Worked without issue. Attempted to upgrade to Win10 and got same issue with the blue windows logo.

Any Ideas?


CPU: Intel i7 950 @ 3.07GHz
GPU: GTX 780
PS: 850W