Question How to hear desktop audio, game audio and use a microphone at the same time?

Jul 17, 2019
I'm having issues getting all 3 of these things to co-exist on a Windows 10 PC.

My end goal here is to be able to hear my desktop audio and Nintendo switch audio through the same pair of headphones, AND be able to use a microphone on discord at the same time.

Im currently running an audio cable from the console to the back panel line-in port on my computer, and checking the "listen to device" box in recording settings.

This works perfectly, until I try to use my microphone on discord. My microphone is enabled and discord can see im trying to use it as my input device, but when im getting audio through the line-in from my console, my microphone seems to not pick up anything. And as soon as i unplug the line-in from my console or disable the line-in from settings, the microphone works again.

After a few hours troubleshooting online, playing around with settings, disabling and re-enabling devices, and resetting my PC, I just cant seem to get both console audio and microphone input. Im totally stumped!

Heres an album of screenshots from my recording devices settings: View:

The only clue that I have to go off of is that the speaker icon in the "Levels" tab of either device will change to a muted icon when I get the other device to work properly. Clicking this icon and "un-muting" it seems to do nothing.

Is something conflicting in my setup? Have I missed something simple? Should I be using a Virtual Audio Cable? If I should be, how do I even set that up?
Jul 24, 2019
hey i am having that same problem i hope someone can fix this i updated my driver and so now microphone and headphone aux both work on front side and back but in my recordings since i have a 3.5mm and can only plug it into one aux it's either i can head people with headphones but not talk, or i can talk with microphone but not hear is there a way for it to go the same way?
Software like these might help
Another option would be to use an external stereo line level mixer with headphone amp. Connect the console and PC audio outputs to the mixer.
The PC should take care of mixing the desktop and mic sounds for you.
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