How to hook up pre amps to a Denon avr-2400h


Sep 17, 2017
I have a pair of older hafler Dh-300 and Dh-200 pre amps/ amps. How do you hook them up to a Denon avr 2400h.
Thank you
The DH200 is a stereo amp and the DH300 is a mono amp. No preamp there.
Since the receiver doesn't have any line level outputs (except sub and zone 2) you would need one or two speaker to line level converters.
If you have two DH300 and one DH200 use the 300s for the front L/R and one channel of the DH200 for the center. If you have one DH300 use that for the center and the DH200 for the front L/R.
You will need to redo the speaker level set up on the receiver.
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