How to install Windows 11 without a Microsoft account


Aug 30, 2013
i do this all the time for customers, have done over 100, and after oobe\bypassnro press enter and you dont have to run the ipconfig command after reboot , just click i dont have internet and then chose option to create user without a microsoft account. i just use Rufus now as they have now perfected it and its even easier on supported or unsupported systems. and if Desktop or have Lan connected for internet phyisically disconnected 1st. wifi no matter , just dont connect to it and choose i dont have internet, connect at when setup complete at the Desktop.
Feb 23, 2024
You can easily create a local account on Windows 11. Just do a normal install & when it asks for your Microsoft account, login as "test" & then any letter on the keyboard as the password. You will get an "Oops" on the next screen. Go to the next screen where you can create a local account. Done!