Solved! how to reformat brand new samsung 32gb micro sd card from internal memory to portable in cat s60 phone.

Sep 11, 2020
Hello all,
New user here, and I need some experts advice on how to reformat a brand new out of the box Samsung 32gb sd card from internal memory back to portable?

the story goes, I got the sd card for my hubs...and this option to turn it into internal memory popped up. I hadn't seen this option before and figured it would be useful for him. so I suggested that he use it for the internal memory.... well it used 29gb of the memory he had of the sd card. his phone's internal memory is 8 or 9 GB normally. so this perplexed me and frustrated me that a brand new 32gb sd card would be turned into a waste of space in his phone.

I believe all the data was moved over, so I am not sure how to go about returning the sd card to its original function as a portable memory bank without losing all my husbands data or having to copy everything from his phone, excluding the apps, over to my computer, then back to his phone.

The card works fine so far. no issues with it being faulty, and I am trying to avoid the route of having to do retrieval programs if possible. especially since this was a new card with no previous info on it so nothing to overwrite. so is there any way I can avoid having to go the whole route of transferring everything over to the computer then back to the phone? can we just select the portable function again without losing all his data? I am unfamiliar with how to go about doing this, and I would like to avoid losing any of his info as it's his work phone or having to get any retrieval programs.

any advice will be appreciated,

Thank you in advance!