how to remove Webmail Ad Blocker

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More information is needed.

What OS do you have, what browser(s) do you have?

Please explain more about what is happening and why you believe the Ad blocker should be removed.
Oct 1, 2018
I can't open some web pages that I use to opening and I have google chrome. I have tried every this thing else I scanned my computer got rid of all my cookies from sites. I've done it all and this is the only thing left so I figure it this app that I put on my computer
Does the following link match your installation?

Jason Savard?

Take a closer look at Webmail Ad Blocker and ensure that you have not overlooked some default configuration settings that may be overly aggressive with respect to blocking websites.

May need to adjust some options or whitelist specific websites.

The following link should be helpful:

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