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how to root my tablet


Sep 16, 2016
Initially do before you begin

a) Take Backup of everything you feel is significant before you begin.

b) Charge your device Battery Upto or more than 75% before you start to prevent unnecessary shutdowns.

c) This method will simply work for the versions of Nextbook 8 purchased before August 2013. Check your tablet if the serial number starts with YFG1013 or YFG1113 or higher this procedure is not for you.

Necessary Downloads

a) Download the SMT_Next8HD8G_Mod_Recovery.zip

b) Download the Kyser_Root-signed.zip

Start Rooting the Nextbook 8

a) Extract SMT_Next8HD8G_Mod_Recovery.zip to a folder on your desktop. You must end up with a file called uImage_recovery without extension.

b) Connect your tablet to your PC and copy both uImage_recovery and Kyser_Root-signed.zip to your tablet external SD card (not the internal memory and insert a microSD card if you don’t already have one, don't put them into subfolders simply drop them in the main folder of your tablets external SD card.

c). Power off your device and reboot to the modified recovery you have simply copied. To do this with the device powered off press along with hold the Volume Up + Volume Down buttons with the Power button til you pass the splash screen a black screen also you see the recovery menu.

d) Use the Volume Up as well Down buttons to highlight the Flash zip from external card option and the power button to confirm the choices.

e) Once flashed go back to the main menu as well as chose reboot system.

While the Nextbook 8 reboots, Find the SuperSU app in the app drawer or install it from the Play Store if you don’t find it to confirm you are rooted!
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