How to route internet access through laptop


Apr 27, 2012
Our desk top CPU has died and since we rarely use the desktop we want to explore hooking up our laptop and not buy another CPU. We are not computer oriented so thought I would explore doing this through this site. We currently have Verizon Fios as our Internet router. Thanks :)


Hello bpeaks;

Version FIOS is not the make and model of a router. It's a service Version sells.

Is your router a Wireless one? If so, no problem. Desktop PC is not required.
The wireless router should handle internet connections for laptops, tables, phones (and even desktop PCs with a wireless adapter).


Apr 27, 2012
Yes that looks like our router. I will contact Verizon and hopefully can figure it out. We rarely use our laptop since purchasing our iPad and iPods but need access to a computer occasionally - apple restricts downloading certain apps. My husband and I are semi retired and love the simplicity of iPad for email and Internet. Thank you so much for your expertise :)
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