Question How to see all sources connected to receiver in TV menu?

Feb 4, 2021
I've got a Samsung tv ue78ku6505. It's from 2016.
I wanted to decrease the amount of cables so I got a receiver (yamaha rx v667).
I've got all the inputs (Raspberry Pi, Xbox, computer etc) connected to the hdmi slots on the receiver and connected the TV to HDMI out. It's all working well EXCEPT, i can't select the sources through the TV. All that is showing up is the receiver input and then I have to swap between the sources on my receiver remote..

HDMI control is activated on the receiver and CEC Anynet+ is activated on the TV.

On my old tv from 2013 also Samsung all the sources connected to the receiver would show up in the source list when clicking sources on TV remote so it seems odd to me that a newer tv couldn't do the same.
Anyone with similar experience and suggestions for a solution?


The TV can't tell what else is connected to the receiver.

This is the same way my system is set up. The receiver is the hub and control device.
There is just one HDMI to the TV, and that all it knows. Whatever comes out of the receiver...that what the TV gets. It is just the display panel.
Feb 4, 2021
Gotcha.. So strange it worked differently on my older Samsung tv.. Got any recommendations on a remote that can control both tv and and receiver in one ? Thanks!
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