how to solve hp probook shutdown after just 30 minute every time


It can be caused by either it's overheating or it's set to turn off if you're not using it. Here are some troubleshooting steps that may help.
- Start by checking all your Power Options.
- Open Power Options and click on Change plan settings then Change advanced power settings on the next screen.
- Expand Hard disk first then set Turn off hard disk after to Never.
- Expand Sleep and set Allow hyrbid sleep to OFF and set Hibernate after to NEVER.
- Click Apply and OK.
- Do open Device Manager next and set your keyboard and Mouse to wake up your PC.
- In Device Manager right click on Mouse/Keyboard and select Power Management.
- Make sure there's a check on Allow this device to wake the computer and click OK.
- Do test your PC again after doing all these changes.
- If the same problem does persist you'll need to open your laptop and clean the inside of it.
- Remove all the dust on the fans and apply new thermal paste on both the CPU and GPU.
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