How to transfer photos from s7 to s5 with broken screen without using SD card

Jul 26, 2018
My s7 lcd went out and I got a s5 but when I logged on to my google account none of my pictures transferred with SD card ???
A SD card and a Google account are two totally different things. You can either place files on a SD card, you can sync and/or upload them to the Google account, or you can do both. But just putting them in the account won't put them on the card and vice versa.

Also, if the images were on the device only, and not in the account or on the card, then they won't just move. You have to get them from the device. If that is the case, you would have to repair the device to actually access what is on it.

If, however, they were synced/uploaded to Google account, then you just need to log into that account from the new device.