how to turn my laptop screen back on when it turns off after i've plugged in the charger


Nov 12, 2016
When i plug in my charger my screen wont turn on, Please help this has been happening for the last few months
OK so is it turning on or off when you plug it in, as the subject says it turns on when plugged in and the body of the message says the opposite. :)

I am assuming you meant you lose the screen when the charger is plugged in.

For "Sleep Mode" issues, see if this helps...

1. Go into "Control Panel" and click the "Power Options".
2. Next to the plan that is currently selected click "Change Plan Settings".
3. Now click "Change Advanced Power Settings".
4. Open the "Sleep Setting" and locate the option that is turning off the screen (placing the laptop in sleep or hibernate) when plugged in to charge.
5. Change/set it to not go into hibernate/sleep when charging.
6. Now click "Apply" and then click "OK".
7. Finally shut down and power up the computer.