how to used a locked verizon galaxy s5 for straight talk?


Feb 29, 2016
I bought a Verizon galaxy s5 from someone and they said it wasnt attached to account or anything. Well I went and paid $60 more for the ST sim card pack. When I called and tried to activate it they told me I can't use that verizon phone because it's locked. Well I also have a sprint note 3 that has a sim card slot that does have a clean esn but they said that this phone is not compatible with ST. Doesn't make any sense to me. They said only sprint phones without sim slits work...then why are there sim cards for them ? I'm so confused! Also couldn't I just get a Verizon phone that has a clean esn and have the sim card activated and just out it in my " locked" verizon phone?
You can't use a locked Verizon phone on Straight Talk, but you can get another unlocked one and use the SIM you got from them.

Or ask whoever you got the phone from to unlock it.