Question HP Battery Replaced/Won't Start

Feb 19, 2021
I’m trying to help a friend long-distance with her HP Envy 17 M7 17.3.

She replaced the battery with a new OEM battery. Sounded like a simple process once the bottom of the case was removed. A few screws and disconnecting the battery connection.

When she plugged it in the power light came on and over a few hours, the light changed from amber to white indicating a charge. However, it will not start when pressing the power button there is no reaction from the PC. She has tried removing the battery and running off the power cord. She has also tried one solution of pressing and holding the power button with the battery removed and plugged in and nothing happens. She tried it again with the old battery. On the AC cord alone the power light comes on but won't show any sign of starting up.

She had not been having any other issues with the PC and only replaced the battery because every now and then she was getting a message about a problem with the battery even though it continued to work normally. The old battery was slightly swollen.

Any other ideas or suggestions? Shouldn’t there be some response from the BIOS even if the hard drive failed?
I see a lot of these posts. Opening a laptop and messing around inside without following proper ESD precautions is taking a risk. There is a good chance something is damaged. If you open it again, please understand the ESD precautions that need to be taken. I think your next stop is a repair tech.