HP dv2: Thoughts?


Oct 9, 2006
It's already out at Future Shop in Canada. I have actually tried one out. VERY VERY fast little machine for the money. The version that is up here has 4GB of DDR2 667, 250GB HD, ATI X1250 graphics with 64MB of dedicated memory and Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. It's a great machine for the price ($899 CDN) I'd say it's only major competition since it's that thin and that light is the macboook air granted the air has a dual core and some faster hardware but it's also over double the money. If your daughter is just doing basic notes and such it'll be a great little notebook. It also has one thing over the Macbook Air and that is that it comes WITH the external DVD burner without you shelling out the extra $130+tax like you would at Future Shop for the external super drive for the air.

Hope this helps your decision


Apr 17, 2009

Huh? :p

Wow, I think I'll buy one for myself and my daughter! Would you know if Future Shop has it available online? I tried out their website but couldn't find it. :)
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