HP ENVY 13" or 15"? Or maybe the Macbook Pro?


Mar 19, 2010

1) I want to buy the new HP ENVY laptop but I'm not really sure about the model:

I read that the 15" has (much) better hardware (i7, better graphics, more ram etc.), but the 13" is looking much nicer with it's new HP Radience screen which the 15" doesn't have. The thing is that the 13" has shitty hardware (core 2 dou, less ram, shitty graphics etc.)

Right nowI'm wandering whether taking the 15" model for it's hardware or the 13" for it's gorgeous screen and the style.

Which one should I take?

2) I wandered whether taking the ENVY or the Macbook Pro (actually they look quite the same), but as you can see eventually I chose the ENVY beacuse the Macbook has shitty hardware... do you think that I have made the right choise?

3) Do you know when will the macbook pro come out with the new i7 processors?

Thank you very much! ;)
Hello and welcome to the forums :)
Between Envy 15 and 13,i would choose Envy 15 because of having far better specs.
Between Envy 15 and MBP,i would still choose Envy because it has better specs too.
No one knows the exact date for when i7 comes to MPB


Apr 25, 2007
I would also go for the Envy 15. Because when Apple does update their MBP line, they still won't have a i7 quad, 5830 as GPU, USB 3, or Bluray option. Envy 15 has all of these.

Look around for coupons that pop out every few months for the envy. Last one I saw was a $300 off one a few weeks ago.

sidenote: happy norooz Maziar!
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