HP Envy Laptop unable to connect/recognize signal to a TV through HDMI


Apr 22, 2017

So for a while, I had been using my HP Envy Laptop to get the things I needed to be done.

I've used a TV as a second monitor to multitask a little more efficiently, and for a while, it would work. Randomly one day the signal had stopped getting recognized by the TV and could no longer project an extended screen on the TV itself.

I gave up on most of the forum searching I was done me nowhere, and one day I turned the TV back on (while my laptop was on) and it decided to work. Shortly after it stopped receiving signal again.

I was wondering if someone could offer me assistance in figuring this issue out? Based on previous forum searches I know that...

YES, my TV is plugged in.
YES, my HDMI is connected.
YES, I unplugged them and replugged both of them back in.
NO, I don't think it is the HDMI cable because I used several.
NO, I don't think it's the TV because I've used two.
YES, I did roll back and reupdated both of my display drivers (Intel Core i7 and NVIDIA GEFORCE 940MX).

I'm not very tech-savvy by the way, so you may have to explain things a little more for me to understand.


Sep 8, 2014
Ive got the same damn problem i had my pc hooked to my 48" lcd tv via HDMI port 1. I disconneceted everything cause i got a new desk...set everything back up plugged everything back in and now when i turn on the pc and tv it says no signal! So ive tried 3 other HDMI ports to no avail.. still says no signal...but i get sound thru the tv! Lol fml