hp g6 freezes installing any os


Nov 10, 2014
first off this is my first post so hello.

i have been given a laptop to try and repair as it was hanging when loading windows 8. it is a hp g6 2244sa. i tried the windows recovery and it froze, i managed to get into the system reset, that ran for 24 hours but had no effect. i then couldnt get into windows recovery again. i scanned the hdd with no errors, scanned the memory with no errors. removed the ram and re seated it, tried it with only 1 4gb stick installed instead of 2 and made no difference. i removed the hdd and wiped it to try a fresh install. i have tried windows 8.1 from a dvd, i also created a usb boot drive, its a uefi laptop so i created the boot usb this way, it gets to the hp logo and spinning dots as if it were about to install and then freezes, no hdd activity and the usb stops flashing. same with the windows dvd, get to the windows logo and freezes and wont go any further, i read the forums on here, im pretty good with computers but this got way beyond me. i went into bios and disabled secure boot, enabled legacy, disabled both, enabled both nothing works. when it hangs on the install the fan speeds up it stays that way for about 5 mins then restarts itself.

the first alarm bell was that when i turn on the laptop theres a black screen for a long time before it tries to boot (roughly 2 minutes)

im wondering if there is something more sinister going on? damaged cpu perhaps, overheating damage? im not sure, in the past if i have had to fix a friends laptop and it has got as far as having to re install windows its usually pop in the dvd turn it on and it installs no worries. Im about to give up on this so any input would be great.

also to update i tried installing windows 7 that also froze. and ubuntu from disk and from usb, tried installing and running from disk and usb and it did not respond


First thing,try with a known good hard drive even though the test was good. I have 3 laptops that passed all drive tests from the vendor but did not image till I replaced the drive.

Next it try new RAM instead of what was in the system.

After that you are looking at motherboard or CPU issue.


Nov 10, 2014
Its not my laptop so i cant really. I dont have another spare laptop hard drive to test or ram for that matter. Did a full 4 hour long test on the hard drive last night with no errors. My guess is the cpu is knackered. When i try install windows 8.1 from a genuine disc i get the windows logo and 2 dots from the progress spinning ring and the fan spins like crazy for 5 mins. Then the laptop resets itself. Think im giving up on this as a knackered laptop. First time in a long time ive not been able to sort out a problem
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