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    Question Recovery Image/Data for Sony Vaio Tap 11 (SVT1121A4E)

    Hello, I recently bought used laptop Sony Vaio Tap 11 [Exact model: SVT1121A4E] from second hand and it's still pretty good machine. The Windows 10 is surprisingly pretty smooth. But unfortunately the user before me probably formated all partitions, including the recovery partition... I...
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    Solved! Fix automatic repair boot loop on Windows 10 Toshiba Satellite?

    I have a Toshiba satellite laptop. It runs on Windows 10 operating system. This particular model does not have a disc drive. One day while trying to transfer files via Bluetooth I noticed that the Bluetooth symbol wasn't in my task tray as normal. I went into my settings to turn Bluetooth on and...
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    asus laptop stuck in bios vendor american megatrends and there is no windows recovery menu

    after all the information and solutions that i followed to the windows recovery menu,it doesn't have a "windows recovery menu" i still following the instructions and still getting back to the same problem over and what is the main problem?how to solve it??
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    Solved! Acer aspire v5-551

    On day I was playing my game and windows recovery popped up and said they had to restart my laptop ever since my laptop has been stuck on the acer logo and won’t boot you can enter bios and my boot menu please help
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    Solved! Help With Recovery Image

    Hi everyone, I am probably in the wrong section but sorry if i am. I'm looking for help with flashing a recovery Image from the recovery partition to restore a Laptop to factory. I was unable to do it via windows by default. I now have the install.wim for the device at about close to 15 GB in...
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    disk usage 100% laptop too slow to reset with windows recovery thing

    the laptop of my friend is so slow I can't reset it with windows 's recovery program. I think it is the disk usage that is the problem and i have check the forums for solution but nothing works. sorry for my english it is not my first language.
  7. C

    There's no Windows Recovery Menu happening in my laptop. I pressed and tried the steps many times already. Please help me.

    I tried the steps suggested found in the site but when I turn it on again for the F9 step, there's no Windows recovery menu flashing. Please help me.
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    Windows 10 recovery disc made from Windows 7?

    Hi i am wondering if i can create a windows recovery disk for windows 10 but on a windows 7 computer as it is the only one i have with a disk tray. I have searched online but cannot find anything regarding the subject.
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    from start up goes directly to choose option

    we tried to download Sims 4 onto my Lenovo Idea pad 110. upon completion of download, computer shuts off and all you can see is the option to choose the language for the keyboard>choose an option>troubleshoot or turn off pc (if I choose troubleshoot, I can reach command prompt) At command...
  10. Lutfij

    How To Fix Recovery Error In Windows Laptops

    Prior to calling it a night, you’ve managed to save all your critical files and shut down your laptop. You wake up the next morning and find that the laptop will not want to budge past a screen you to think shouldn’t be there in the first place. If you come across a “Your PC needs to be...
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    Need help in pre-installed Windows

    Hi, I'm in a situation where I have to delete my laptop HDD completly and reinstall windows. But this laptop came with preinstalled and prevaricated windows 7 pro. I'm not sure how I can reactivate new windows after installation.
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    Toshiba portege z20t can't install windows recovery DVD

    Hi , I have bought new toshiba portege z20t that came with pre-installed windows 8.1 pro downgraded to windows 7 pro , inorder to get windows 8.1 pro againe toshiba company has accompanied 3 DVD recovery media for windows 8.1 with laptop and its written in instructions to switch from windwos...
  13. L

    My Lenovo G 50-80 died, i think

    Laptop won't boot, start up, auto repair, etc. I've tried all the fixes here but nada. I stuck an old Windows recovery disc in and still nothing. HELP! Iam so frustrated.
  14. P

    my acer laptop is shuting down without warning when i turn it back on it goes black, this is a windows recovery error and i do

    the problem started the night before last. i was searching on amazon all of sudden it truned off by itself as i try to turn it back on it would just go black like i've turned it off, so i wait mins or an hour i turn it back on it goes windows error recovery i choose safe mode it went alright...
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    Laptop freezes and locks up when starting using power button, booting into system recover using dedicated recovery works fine?

    Hi, [OS = Windows 10] So when I start my laptop using the power button the computer locks up and freezes straight on the desktop. However when I use the recovery button (provided by lenovo) and start using system recovery it boots me into normal windows mode (not safe mode) and it seems to...
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    Help needed! Bad virus, formatted drive, need to get OS back, no OS partition.

    Time sensitive! Help! Stuck! Had a bad virus, Toshiba Satellite laptop, was forced to completely format the drive thus eliminating the OS recovery install partition. I am unable to proceed any further, I absolutely thought this computer would have had some sort of failsafe to NOT format the...
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    Locked Out of My Windows User

    Recently my ACER laptop stopped working completely so I sent it to them for repair. About a month goes by and I have it again. The only problem is that at the lock screen it asks me for a password, which is strange since I had a PIN that I disabled months ago and was never asked to input again...
  18. Kumaresh07

    HP Envy dv6 7206tx Boot loop after Factory reset

    Yesterday I used my recovery disk to factory reset my laptop. The installation process was successful. After all files and hp softwares are installed into laptop it restarts. From that point it stuck on boot looping. While boot loop it not shows hp logo instead it shows only windows 8 logo...
  19. H

    I have lost my driver and windows recovery disk for my toshiba satellite c640, how to get it for win7 32 bit?

    I have lost my windows and driver recovery DVD, and now i have formatted the laptop with not genuine window, now i want my previous settings back what to do???? I have Toshiba satellite C640 laptop with win7 and 32-bit configuration.
  20. D

    Removing the Recovery Partition a Windows tablet

    I have a 16gb Windows 8 tablet and I would like to remove the recovery partition to save space (as you know 16gb on windows is impossibly difficult to manage) I have followed all other help that I can find online which usually relates to creating a windows recovery USB using the built in...
  21. 5

    Windows 8 install on replacement SSD for laptop

    Evening all. So the hard drive on my laptop decided to bork itself, getting stuck in a continuous loading loop when trying to boot Windows. I bought a new SSD to use as a replacement and seems to be working fine. However - the issue is that I want to reinstall Windows 8 which was pre-installed...
  22. J

    I recently reset my Acer computer to factory settings, thinking it would wipe Windows 10 off and re-install Windows 8. I delet

    I recently reset my Acer computer to factory settings, thinking it would wipe Windows 10 off and re-install Windows 8. I deleted the partition drives, which I believe to be a mistake. i made a recovery media, but at the time that Windows 10 TP was installed. Now I just want to be able to use the...
  23. CupTheYoutuber

    Acer Aspire Switch 10 SW5-012 Refuses to boot anything but Windows recovery.

    So, I deleted my recovery partition to try to reclaim some of the tiny hard drive on this thing, without reading into it (Stupid, I know) and I ended up bricking the windows install. So I thought, "Oh well, who cares I'll install linux.", and I followed one of the guides. Now, here comes the...
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    I dont understand Toshiba L855 S5112

    Hello, I have a Toshiba Satellite L855-S5112. It has been a very good computer I have been having problems with it being slow until one day it finally would not turn on. I have tried everything in the book (free that is) but I wouldn't mind spending money on it if I knew what the problem was. I...
  25. R

    How to restore my sony vaio windows 8.1 laptop to factory settings HELP !

    HELP ! Sony vaio 14a26cg ! i bought the laptop which is loaded with windows 8 on 2013. After that my windows ge updated to 8.1 since then i was using 8.1. Now the system telling me to activate winndows !! some of them suggested me to restore the laptop to factory settings. when i try to reset...
  26. Y

    hp g6 freezes installing any os

    first off this is my first post so hello. i have been given a laptop to try and repair as it was hanging when loading windows 8. it is a hp g6 2244sa. i tried the windows recovery and it froze, i managed to get into the system reset, that ran for 24 hours but had no effect. i then couldnt get...
  27. E

    Laptop Shuts Down During Boot

    I am looking at a laptop for a family member. His laptop is a Toshiba Satellite AS05-S6965 As soon as it boots, whether it be Windows Recovery, the Windows Vista that is already installed, or a windows install disc, it shuts down. The light that indicates it's charging remains on though. What...
  28. Z

    My Toshiba Satellite L500?has a problem, it wont start it reaches the Windows Recovery page highlights Windows Repair NOT Star

    My Toshiba Satellite L500?has a problem, it wont start it reaches the Windows Recovery page highlights Windows Repair NOT Start Windows Normally, then it brings a blue screen "..BIOS is not ACPI Compliant" N/B: Earlier I had ever replaced the hard disk and put the laptop on AND also the Keyboard...
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    how to restore acer aspire s3 without cd

    Hello i just bought a second hand acer aspire s3 for my girlfriend. After 2 or 3 days, and seeing that the SSD is completely full (not the HDD), i decided to restore the computer at the factory default. The OS is Windows 7. The thing is that there's not the Acer Recovery Management program...
  30. K

    rebooting,cd drive broken,old laptop

    I can't load past the BIOS screen with my laptop, and i want to use the windows recovery disk to reformat my pc. But. my laptop's CD Drive is broken. Is it possible for me to use another computer's CD drive to somehow connect to my laptop's hard drive or something and use that to reformat me...
  31. W

    Acer Aspire D270

    my acer powers up but goes to windows recovery page and asks what mode to start in and keeps going back to that also asking to restart the windows application with small blue flash on screen
  32. B

    HP Mini "file missing or corrupt windows system 32 config"

    I'm trying to fix a friend's HP Mini 1212. It boots into Windows, but when you try to click on the Windows button to access anything, the screen goes black and a message comes up saying "Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: \Windows\System32\Config\System. I...
  33. S

    Laptop doesn't recognize hdd

    A laptop won't acknowledge the hdd. When turned on a screen comes up that says press [esc] to enter setup. It won't enter setup unless esc is hit repeatedly from powering on. From there you get a menu for memory test, hdd test, bios and some other things. Memory checks out ok, hdd test fails...