Hp laptop black screen boot only after an hour of running

Oct 14, 2018
Hello all.

I have a hp pavillion dv6 laptop with dual graphics, everytime i try to turn on the laptop i get a black screen with capslock blinking once, i know that it means cpu error on hp's website, i tried removing and replacing the ram, cleaning it, reseating the cpu, cleaned the cpu fan, reapplied the thermal paste, but if i keep running it for an hour and then turn if off and turn it on it boots up and works fine for hours without any trouble, now i have come to a conclusion that it would have something to do with the GPU, but i could be wrong, if its the gpu i could reflow it, since i dont have a heat gun i could bake it in the oven at 180c for 19 mins or i can take apart the board, remove the heat sink, plug in the adapter run it for 1 min and not more, doing so would fry the chip, press the gpu evenly for about a min and let it cool for about 5 mins, next take a aluminium foil fold it into the size of the crappy thermal pad that hp puts in and cut it to the die size of the gpu, apply thermal grease on the gpu and heat sink and place this foil in between and fix the heat sink and reassemble the laptop and it should work fine.... BUT!! since it works after an hour im confused if the bios or something is wrong i did update it but its the same,

im not an expert by any means im just an idiot who takes apart things and im stuck any help would be appreciated