Hp laptop not showing any signs of power

Aug 2, 2018
My "hp tpn-i108" laptop just stopped turning on. I just took the entire laptop apart to clean it. When i put re-assembled the laptop it wouldn't turn on. I took it apart to see what was wrong, nothing seems to be wrong with the motherboard.

I was troubleshooting and realized a few things
Only one spot (close to the charging port) would spark using a screwdriver.
The charging light doesn't come on (I tried changing chargers- that's not the issue)
It gets hot really fast!

If anybody thinks they might know a free solution I'm all in, thank you.


Please explain this a bit more.

"Only one spot (close to the charging port) would spark using a screwdriver."

....and this

"It gets hot really fast!"

what specifically is getting hot....if you can even say.
Aug 2, 2018
As for the sparking/screwdriver part:
I was checking to see what parts of the motherboard had power using a safe conductor (in my instance the screwdriver)


Be careful. You really should never see a spark while working on a PC if you are doing things correctly.

...but as I said....I think there's a good chance the PSU has failed.

It would be great if you could locate exactly what was getting hot inside the laptop....but I think MOST LIKELY it's the PSU.
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