Question Asus laptop has no signs of life after trying to reset it yesterday

Jun 4, 2022
I have an ASUS Gaming Laptop GL504 and I recently built a PC. I have copied every file onto the new desktop and I think this might be the laptop giving me the middle finger for abandoning it.

Last night while the laptop was unplugged, I began going through the questions Windows asks before resetting your computer. It was then I was stopped before resetting because the laptop was running on it's battery. I then shut the lid, put it back, and went to try again today with it plugged in.

Today the laptop has no signs of life. No LED indicators, two different chargers don't charge it or even get warm. It isn't feasible that the laptop battery died overnight. I might check the internal connections, however I find it bizzare how it randomly died. The reset never started because the laptop wasn't plugged in until just a few moments ago.

Any suggestions for diagnosing my abandoned, upset laptop?


Wow, it really does sound like your laptop got upset at you. Try taking your new computer next to a garbage can so that your laptop thinks you are throwing it out, and maybe it will calm down.

Jokes aside, how did you copy the files to your newly built PC? Did it involve taking the hard drive/SSD out?


Haha. I just transferred files with a flash drive.
Well, I can't tell you from this information what the cause may have been but your best bet would be to try resetting the BIOS via the coin battery. When you start it up afterwards, do so without the internal battery to increase the chances of it working.
If that doesn't work, test out the parts one by one. Something might have fried, somehow.

Etrius vanRandr

May 11, 2022
Thanks for the help. Could this issue be caused my the coin battery? I have tried what you have mentioned and I am thinking I should replace it.

No, the CMOS battery would not cause this issue. All it does is retain BIOS settings and maintain Real Time Clock.

It's very possible that it just "died". I suggest removing all batteries and letting it sit for a few days.
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