Info HP Pavilion 17-e RAM to 16gb

Oct 11, 2020
Just wanted to put this info out there. Bought a 17-e056us in 2012. Just got into my first time upgrading my laptop. It was overheating (dust buildup) so I took it apart and cleaned out the fan grilles and replaced the stock thermal paste :eek:. Yeah been a while.

So getting to the RAM. I looked online and the Crucial site said this laptop doesn't support 16 GB DDR3 and yet other websites say it does work. Well I gave it a shot and bought 2x Samsung 8GB DDR3 sticks and it booted and works. I can definitely see a difference even thought it's not a significant jump from 6 to 16gb. Yeah stuff loads faster and can definitely see the difference in movie editing software. My windows load times are not very much faster which I believe is the HDD which I will be swapping out with a Kingston K600 1 TB soon. I'm sure that will improve as well.

The only downside I see happening is when I do a shutdown and turn it back on the laptop freezes at the blue HP dot screen. No loading dot circle at all. Once I hold the power button to do a hard shutdown and hit the power button again to turn it on it boots up just fine. It's a weird side effect but once laptop is in windows it works flawless so far.

Just wanted others in the same boat to be able to find a little more info on this particular subject. I still play Battlefield 3 and Skyrim and Counter Strike not on ultra settings but decent settings. Just trying to squeeze some more life out of this thing for the 600 I payed for it back then. Hope this helps!


Oct 11, 2020
glad you got it working. looked up the laptop and even hp says 8 is the max. the thing is, a lot of times, more ram than recommended will work, but it could cause instability and other issues over time. Not a lot of users will put up with the "side effect" you are describing.