HP Pavilion 17 overheating randomly


Oct 16, 2016
Hi guys!

I got an HP Pavilion 17 around 2 years ago and it worked perfectly up until a few months ago when I noticed it started running hotter than normal (idling ~60-65c), thinking nothing of it I decided to continue using it, and when I started playing a game for a while, it slowly climbed to ~90c (95-100c seems to be the safety threshold for my PC) and it suddenly shut off. When I turned it back on, I got an overheating error, so I let it sit for a while and tried again. And ever since then, it seems to idle ~70c and climb up to 80-90c with little to nothing (such as using Google Chrome), and when it shuts down, I got a 90b fan error.

I've cleaned out the fan, it seems to spin just fine when manually spun, and I can hear it running when the PC is on, so what's going on with it?

Any help would be appreciated!