Hp pavilion ab045sa won't boot


Mar 5, 2015
Hello i have a hp pavilion 15 ab045sa i3 8gb 1tb laptop that will not boot up any more .

It won't even show the led on the side when plugged in to the charger .

So far I have taken it apart and removed the ram and hard disk and cmos battery to try and reset it and booted it up without the battery and this has worked once .

Once I powered it down and then tried to boot it again . The same thing is happening. No lights . No charging and it won't boot .

I've checked the board is receiving 19v from the charger with my multimeter and it is at the power connector to the main board so I don't know what to try next.

I've got some pictures of the motherboard if that helps.


The dc in is on the bottom left and then the power harness to the board you can see connects to the mainboard.

Please could someone help me .
Thanks in advance.
Yeah, it does sound like a bad board. If you can swap the RAM and boot with the bare minimum components installed consistently, you might luck out. The LED indicator behavior alludes to a board on its last leg, though.