HP Pavilion DV9500 Won't Power On


Jan 3, 2011
I was asked to repair a laptop for my father this week. He said he was using it just fine the other night and left it on. In the morning he found it off and would not power on (no lights, no sounds, no anything). It's as if the power button is not responding. The power cord when plugged in, illuminates blue which is supposed to indicate power being received.

Searching many forums and google I have noticed most people claiming the HP DV9000 series were recalled, but most people get their quickplay lights to turn on and hear their computer (fan, hard drive, etc). I can't get ANYTHING. I have tried multiple hard resets and compressed air dust removal with no success.

At this point I feel like it could be a motherboard issue, but I don't know how to be sure and don't think it's a smart idea to insinuate the problem is bigger than it is, as it's usually not. I am in the process of borrowing a power cord to rule that out. I also am going to try to double freezer bag the laptop for a few hours as that has worked in the past and seems to solve several issues at least temporarily with laptops.

If you guys know of any other tests I can do with no power at all for the laptop, please let know! I really would like to fix this without telling him to just buy new parts, especially when I am still not 100% sure what the issue is.


Oct 3, 2012
I'm having the exact same issue.
I took off the quickplay panel to get a better look at what was going on when the power button is pressed, and found that there is actually a small "power button board" that somehow connects to the main motherboard.
I'm hoping since the charger port illuminates blue when connected that it's just the power button board shorting out or something. I am considering replacing it but would hate to spend the money and not solve the problem.
Any ideas??


Dec 1, 2016
I am having the same issue and no solution on line
must post on line can get the power light to come on or people start unplugging things utill it turns on i have unplugged every alot of ppl say its the gpu but they get power lights although i did what they do and take every thing off the cpu chip and take it out
i noticed on mine the stuff that is meant to cool the chip is all baked on
so i think the mother board fried?
i can get the apdapter light to come on and if i put the battery in i can get that light to come on so im thinking if the mother board was bad that light would not come on
i have no clue though i am stumped i am about to start parting it out although i dont know what all is good
has any one fixed this issue?