HP Pavilion G6 severe overheating (110C +) after Windows 7 Install


Sep 25, 2014
I have had an HP Pavilion G6 laptop for about 13 months now. Recently it has been feeling very hot and occasionally shuts down due to overheating. The most intense thing I ever do is stream in 1080p, never game or anything. It's very hot even when idling. If I put my finger on the air vent, it actually hurts and will cause burning if left there. So I decided to download a few software programs to find the temperature of my cpu.

Speecy: http://i.imgur.com/wmgea2W.png
HWmonitor: http://i.imgur.com/44vQckg.png

Now I don't know if these readings are correct or not ... but like I said the laptop is hot to touch (bottom and airvent) and does shut down from overheating sometimes.

This really only became a real problem shortly after installing windows 7 (from 8.1), not sure if it is just a coincidence or not though. or if windows 7 is causing the overheating.

I tried using an airblower into the keyboard and airvent to clean out whatever dust I could, but it hasn't seemed to help. Should I try opening up the laptop and giving a good cleaning? Not sure what to do. Scared my laptop won't last much longer if it keeps running at these temperatures.


Jul 24, 2009
A laptop hitting that tempertaure, either has faulty temp probe and isn't rmaping up the fan or the fan itself is faulty.

Take it apart, clean the fan, remove and apply a fresh layer of thermal paste.

Instructions for taking apart your G6 are normally easy to find from HP, just google the full model number and service manual.

This may be the one your after http://www.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c02770249.pdf


Aug 20, 2015
If your going to do any of that you better have some decent experience with laptops, they tend to be a pain to tear apart. I recommend taking an electronics rated compressed air can and blowing out the fan then check task manager and see what percentage the cpu is at. If that does not work if your not comfortable taking it apart take it to a small repair shop tell them your issue and let them handle it. Whatever you do don't keep running like it is now its not good for the computer.
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